Thursday, July 13, 2006


hi everyone,
we launched the "live 4" CD preorder today through our webstore. for some this is cause for joy, for others extreme anger....
some of you are upset that you HAVE to buy a shirt or hoodie to get the CD - YOU DO NOT HAVE TO! we will be selling the CD, by itself, no strings attached very shortly. the preorder is for people who WANT both a limited garment and the CD, and this is OPTIONAL. we're not trying to force anybody's hand, nor are we greedy as some of you have already so kindly suggested. we will also be selling this CD on our next couple tours, so you can always get one at the shows too, so don't panic! we're trying to take care of everyone's needs and desires, so please be patient with us. we appreciate your support and we're not trying to take advantage of your good will - SHIRTS AND CDs FOR SOME, CDs ONLY FOR OTHERS!!! thank you.....


Blogger lucho said...

will you guys be selling t shirts and CD's on your dates with Tool as well?

10:55 AM  

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