Friday, June 16, 2006


just a quick message here to let you all know that so far, everything is going splendidly with the recording of the new isis album. we've been at the bomb shelter studio since june 8th with our long time engineer/producer matt bayles. he hasn't lost his mind yet, but will soon.
we've tracked basic parts for a total of 8 songs with the addition of a couple short interludes. we may trim this down some depending on the finished length of the recordings, but that remains to be seen. there is now a title for the album, titles for most of the songs, and artwork underway, but of course we can't reveal any of that just yet....

also, ISIS related project House of Low Culture will be playing a show in los angeles on june 20th.
HOLC is a guitar based "ambient" project by a. turner of ISIS, that occasionally enlists outside help from a rotating cast of characters... this particular show will be comprised of new/improvised HOLC material as well as collaboration with the two other bands on the bill - everlovely lightningheart and animal hospital. should be an interesting experiment if nothing else... here are the details:

June 20th at the Mountain Bar / Los Angeles, CA:

-Animal Hospital
-House of Low Culture
-Everlovely Lightning Heart
+ one guest to play short set
Free Admission Show
21 and over.


Blogger lucho said...

Greetings from Costa Rica:

I just wanted to say that you guys rule. Can't wait for the new album and DVD. Hope to see you live one day. Keep it up.

8:21 AM  
Blogger Thomassamuel said...

Damn, I never knew there were s many cards apart from citi and capital one. Card Gallery has the biggest selection of cards.

3:33 AM  
Blogger hybris said...

Great! We hope to listen to your album soon :)
Isis rule

4:06 AM  

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