Friday, November 25, 2005


hi there,
we're currently sorting through material for the next live disc, as well as tons of live video footage for the long talked about DVD. we probably have enough audio for the next 10 live CDs at this point, but we're still looking for any footage of our live set in spain from a couple years back, where we performed a few tracks with christian fennesz who we were on tour with at the time. we've been trying to find this footage for years (ever since the show itself), so if anybody has a copy of that or has a friend that has a copy PLEASE get in touch. we'd even be happy with an audio recording of this show....
for the next live cd we were considering doing a compilation of live tracks from various sets over the years, so it should be a bit different than the previous live releases, and will go back considerably further in our history. we're also toying with the idea of releasing an entire set from much further back than any of the other 3 live discs released so far, but that's only if we can find one we can stand to listen to all the way through - which thus far has proved quite difficult.....
as for the dvd it looks like we'll be including footage from shows in japan, sweden, australia, and the us, and who knows what else we'll dig up while we're rooting through this stuff. the range of quality in terms of the footage will probably end up being pretty "dynamic", but we assure you that whatever we select will be for a good reason - even if the material is a bit rough around the edges from a performance and/or footage quality perspective. we don't have a specific release date for any of this yet, but we'll definitely keep you posted.
we did however, just receive the vinyl version of the "live 2" cd release we did many months back, BUT the jackets were misprinted and now have to go back to the manufacturer to be reprinted - very frustrating.... but it's better to delay it further than push out some unacceptable crap as far as we're concerned.
...and lastly, we'll leave you with this nice photo from our very first tour with cable in the awful summer of 1999 - the tour that almost ended the band before it really began. thanks to bernie/cable for providing us with trip down memory lane....


Blogger Clintaur said...

so if i have a live dvd of you guys in europe, that has the female singer on 'weight'... is that what you're looking for? cause i'd be more than happy to send you a copy. :-)

12:29 PM  
Blogger oddateee said...

you sluts i want ta play with you guys,,,lol lol,,, get at a brother......oddateee,,

8:06 PM  

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