Friday, October 27, 2006


With a couple days hard work, Thai iced coffee and a few little dogs,
we've finished constructing the limited edition versions of the new
record for the release party this Monday Oct 30 at the Cha Cha in LA.
We will be giving a few away at the beginning of the night a well as a
raffle give away later in the evening for the late comers. We also
have some "textile gifts" that we'll be handing out as well as selling
some stuff for those who didn't receive the free goods. We will also
be playing the record a few times through the Cha Cha's PA as well as
some special DJ sets.

The Cha Cha is located at 2375 Glendale Blvd in Silver Lake (near the
corner of Glendale and Silver Lake Blvd, across from the Red Lion). We
plan on starting at 9pm and there is no cover or ticket needed to
enter. You will need some money for the evenings $1.50 tap PBR special
and the bar's foos ball tables and photo booth (there will be some
damn good foos ball players there by the way). We WILL NOT be
performing that evening just celebrating with good friends.

So if you can come on down to see and hear what we've come up with.
It's looking like it will be a pretty fun evening and if you haven't
been to our favorite bar the Cha Cha yet you're really in for a treat!


Thursday, October 19, 2006

RECORD RELEASE PARTY!... and footage with tim hecker

We've decided at the last minute (as usual) that we couldn't let the
release of our new record "In The Absence Of Truth" pass without some
sort of celebration. For those of you in the Los Angeles area we'd
like to invite you to join us Monday, October 30 at the Cha Cha
Lounge located at 2375 Glendale Blvd in Silver Lake (near the corner
of Glendale and Silver Lake Blvd, across from the Red Lion).

We'll be playing our new record (the cd, not performing) as well as offering
some special giveaways that we’re making just for this event. There will
also be some free t-shirts, posters, lighters and other various goodies.
The Cha Cha will be serving $1.50 Pabst all night as well!

So come down and help us celebrate the release of our new record and
the beginning of "another round" with family and friends.

Hope to see you there!

p.s. here is a link to some foootage of us (or some of us) at the bleeding edge festival playing with tim hecker. shot by our plan kenneth thomas (who shot some of the stuff on the recent DVD). Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

HOUSE and HOSPITAL show LA oct 22nd

house of low culture (isis related project) will be playing a show in LA this weekend on sunday, oct 22nd at the mountain bar. also playing will be fellow travel kevin micka aka animal hospital. there will be solo sets by both house of low culture and animal hospital as well as a collaborative set between the two (with some special guests). bring your self, bring a friend, let's travel the cosmos together...

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


hey folks,
just a quick one here. our old pal and long time supporter damien neva has sent us some pictures from our recent NYC show. he's also posted them on his site to share with the world: . for those of you that missed it, this is what it looks like when we cram ourselves onto a tiny stage and go at it - fortunately no head wounds this time around. and if your curious as to who is this damien character mentioned above just refer to the new ISIS dvd and check out some of the NY selections on there - damien is the bald guy in front rocking out - seemingly one of the only people actually enjoying our set...
all for now - thanks to you, thanks to damien....

Monday, October 16, 2006

We've got something to say!

Hello everyone.

Where do we begin? So much is happening and has happened that it's
hard to fit it all in. I guess we'll start with the completion of the
US/Canadian TOOL/ISIS tour..... WOW what an amazing time. We'd like to
sincerely thank TOOL and their entire crew for having us along for the
trip. We were also lucky enough to play a few headlining shows of our own
with the mighty Versoma - old friends and a good new band, be sure to check
them out if you have the chance - noise and melody never sounded so sweet.
Go to to hear more.
Being surrounded by such inspirational and creative people for
two months was quite an experience. One that we'll never forget.
Also having such an amazing crew ourselves made things truly exceptional.
Mark, Chris, Andy and Greg: thanks for all your hard work and good

We'd also like to say a big thank you to all our old and new fans who
made the effort to come out and support us. Opening for a band of
TOOL's capacity is not an easy feat so we thank you for listening and
for the great shows.

Our first DVD "Clearing The EYE" on Ipecac records is now out in
stores. We spent a good many months viewing and collecting material
for this release and feel it's a good representation of us as people
and as a band over the last nine years. We hope you enjoy it.

On October 10, we also released our "In The Fishtank" collaboration
with Scottish band Aereogramme. This was a three-day collaboration
between the two bands in a small studio in Holland. For such a short
session we managed to turn out some music that we feel is really
exceptional. Again we hope you like it....

And finally our new full length "In The Absence Of Truth" will be out
October 31, also on Ipecac. It has already been released on cd by Daymare
records in Japan (thanks again Tadashi!), and there will be forthcoming vinyl
versions of the album in the US, Europe, and Japan, from Robotic Empire,
Conspiracy Records, and Daymare respectively. We spent more time writing
and in the studio on this one than on any other release and feel that it is by
far our best work. We've been previewing some of the songs on our last
few tours and are very excited for it's release.

We're also working on a few other things like booking tours and
developing a new website. As you'll soon see in the liner notes of "In
The Absence Of Truth" our new band website URL is We're working hard to make a better and more
intuitive site for the release of the new record. It is in the very
basic stages at the moment and will be ready to launch soon. We'll
keep you posted.

If you're in the UK you may have a chance to check out Red Sparowes on
their current tour in support of their new record "Every Red Heart
Shines Toward The Red Sun". They'll be there from Oct.15th - Oct
25th. If you go be sure to bring Andy some Reese's peanut butter cups.
It's almost Halloween and their his favorite!

Again thanks to all the friends, new and old, and family who came out to support
us these past few months. It was a very special experience for all of
us and we thank you!

Until next time,


Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Last minute show in Chicago tonight 9/19

Unfortunately Tool's Madison, Wi. show with ISIS has been postponed. ISIS will be playing a show at the Beat Kitchen in Chicago tonight-9.19.06. Details are as follows:

Beat Kitchen
2100 W. Belmont
Chicago, Il. 60618
ph (773) 281 4444

Doors: 9:30
-Beat Awake: 10:00
-Yakuza: 10:45
-ISIS: 11:45

Show is 18+ and $12 at the door.

Thank You to all that helped to make this last minute show come together!

Thursday, September 14, 2006



First of all, a huge thanks to everyone who has been coming out early to catch us on the TOOL tour, it's been absolutle amazing. We were a little weary at first, but we really appreciate the receptiveness we have recieved and look forward to the next 4 weeks on the road.

Second... we have booked a couple more shows to keep us busy on off days for the TOOL tour. More details in the show section...

Sept 17th - Milwaukee, WI at MAD PLANET
Sept 24th - Hamilton, ON at THE UNDERGROUND
Sept 27th - Baltimore, MD at OTTOBAR
Oct 1 - Philadelphia, PA at the 1ST UNITARIAN CHURCH
Oct 4 - Providence, RI - at THE LIVING ROOM
Oct 8 - New York, NY - at REBEL NYC

Our conspiring cohorts at IPECAC have decided to host a FREE screening of the new ISIS DVD, "CLEARING THE EYE" at the Middle East (Upstairs) in Cambridge, MA on Sept. 23rd. Doors will be at 1 and the screening will begin at 2. Hey7, It's always good to have an excuse to get drunk on a week-end afternoon.

Lastly, a big Happy 30th to Jeff, and a special cheers to the EMO'S chorus for the loudest singin of Happy Birthday EVER!